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Natalia Manczak was born in Poznań, Poland.
She moved to Scotland in 2004 and received her Honour Degree in Art Photography from the University West of Scotland in 2010.
Natalia creates bespoke installations, artworks, botanical sculptures, and an eco-friendly chandelier "Pajaki".

Her perspective between paper art and nature pervades the large majority of her work.
Natalia's work it is strongly influence by her Polish roots and Scottish landscape with a modern twist.
She strongly believe that botanical paper arts is very powerful and can change the mood of any interior. Her botanical sculptures can add colours, textures and 3D dimensions to the wall and any surroundings.
They bring happiness, magic and spring to the interior all year long.
Natalia has become known for creating precision paper flowers design and installation which are unique, with strong element of hand-craftsmanship.
At every stage of the process she makes sure that the materials she uses are eco-friendly, sustainable or fully recyclable. Paper is one of her favourite materials due to its versatile properties and endless creative possibilities. 
Natalia deliver shop windows displays, workshops, commissions for luxury brands and individual customers.

She is open for cooperation and brave new ideas.

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